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Company Overview

Opptinet a provider of IT consulting and staff augmentation, IT project outsourcing, offshore software development services, and IT project management.

Our mission is quite simple: become the Partner for our Customers and deliver value in every Opportunity

At Opptinet we strive for on-time and on-budget, as promised. That you know you received value with our partnership and most importantly, that you’re happy with the Opptinet, job well done. The ability to scale to meet any of our Customer requirements can mean the difference between project success and failure. With domain expertise in customer self-service, cloud transformation, managed services, content management, CRM, data warehousing, and more, Opptinet consultants and technicians are ready to hit the ground running with a comprehensive awareness of your industry and the business knowledge to offer best-of-breed solutions.

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Opptinet offers cutting-edge technology skills based services, INTELIAS™ that are mostly suitable for SMB’s who are producers of technology. The INTELIAS™ allows SMB’s to scale up their IT operations. This would allow SMBs to take their products/services to market faster, cheaper and in a reliable manner. So instead of spending 30-40% of their efforts for searching, qualifying and retaining human capital. This would also allow SMB’s to stay focused on their core businesses. INTELIAS™ Portfolio of services described below demonstrates that SMB’s can save at-least 35% IT budget. INTELIAS™ has proven software development methodology consisting of Sr. Managers who are accredited by industry leading institutes such as Project Management Institutes who sets the standards for IT development.

Application development services

Opptinet helps organizations manage their application portfolio through INTELIAS™. We combine our expertise of best technology and management practices to develop business solutions, which can make a significant impact on the SMB’s, and their IT environment. INTELIAS™ offers a full Range of services from developing a small utility to a complete modern IT application with cutting edge technologies.

Intelias Managed Services

INTELIAS™ Infrastructure Managed Services are customized to meet SMB’s key requirements and deliver the benefits of scalable returns in a robust and highly secure environment.INTELIAS™ deliver solutions that are innovative, scalable, agile, and efficient. help businesses make the most of their infrastructure with a comprehensive analysis of business needs Application Migration to the Cloud, Re-host applications to the cloud, re-engineer applications for the cloud or replace with COTS cloud options are few of the INTELIAS™ Core skills.

Help Desk services

INTELIAS™ offers comprehensive business IT services for SMB’s requiring full or part-time support desk services, application helpdesk support, customer service desk, or full-blown technical service resource centers.

INTELIAS™ Integration Services

Opptinet helps businesses achieve organizational transformation through functional, process, and strategic transformation. Our services are designed to aid businesses improve their effectiveness, operational efficiencies, and performance, as well as reduce operating costs.

Digital Transformation

Opptinet helps businesses improve their digital experiences. Our services enables businesses to improve their visibility across the various digital platforms, and maximize benefits of digital marketing.

Consulting services

At Opptinet a key attribute sought is the ability to not only execute, but provide attentive and tailored solutions to the client. Looking deeper into the attentiveness attribute, and position subject matter specialty into meaningful business results Our consulting services enable end to end business transformation through process, technology, digital transformation. Opptinet offer independent and customer centric consulting approach that drives single objective of “customer success”.


COMPACTUS™ monitoring systems will be available on a 7 (day) x 24 (hour) x 52 (week) basis, except for Scheduled Outages. Specially formulated for SMB, COMPACTUS™ is our flagship product. Clients will pay a small fees for taking care of their IT needs. COMPACTUS™ is mostly meant for SMB’s who are consumers of technology. COMPACTUS™ offers a wide range of services, including but not limited to, installation, configuration, customization, optimization and integration of their software.



Platinum is an all-inclusive package, offering 24x7x365 support for all the services and including projects this is all you can have and hassle free service so we keep your business running while you focus on core.


Gold packages are designed to get maximum benefits for your business which offers balance of expert guidance and daily operational management keeping you focus and tune services from our professional team 24x7x365, Security, System monitoring and Patch recommendations. Scope can be revised by adding requirements like Upgrade, Migration and Customization services.


This basic package includes managed services like daily health check report and alert monitoring. Using 'Pay as you go', Silver package can be leverage by all other higher level services and it’s included in Gold or Platinum. Making a great start business endeavor with Opptinet.

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